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Peel Off Glitter Glue

Peel Off Glitter Glue

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HASSLE FREE: Have you ever experienced the difficulties of removing chunky glitter at the end of the night? You won't have to worry about this again with our new peel off glitter glue formula.

HELPING THE OCEANS: this product has been designed to keep the sea free of glitter by being peeled off and disposed of once the party is over. Glitter goes into the bin instead of down the drain.

VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE – This product and all other Glitter Me Up! glitters are vegan and are never tested on animals.

PEEL OFF GLITTER GLUE: Our simple, peel off removal is clean and easy, leaving your skin clean without the need to scratch and scrub off the glitter off your skin.

GLITTER ME UP glitter glue is perfect for after long days at the festival when you just want to take off your makeup and glitter in one go without all the mess

MADE IN UK: All Glitter Me Up! products are manufactured in the UK. Glitter glue comes in a handy 12ml tube. Glitter glue lasts all night until peeled off by hand

HOW TO APPLY: Apply a thin layer of peel off glue onto clean, dry skin using a brush or finger directly where you want glitter to be applied. Dust your favorite Glitter Me Up! glitter on top of the glue and allow to dry.