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PRO Neon UV Nail Polish, 10ml
PRO Neon UV Nail Polish, 10ml
PRO Neon UV Nail Polish, 10ml
PRO Neon UV Nail Polish, 10ml
PRO Neon UV Nail Polish, 10ml
PRO Neon UV Nail Polish, 10ml
PRO Neon UV Nail Polish, 10ml
PRO Neon UV Nail Polish, 10ml

PRO Neon UV Nail Polish, 10ml

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The Original Neon UV Nail Polish

For a playful pop of colour by day and an intense glow by night, our Neon UV Nail Polish is the ultimate accessory to help you nail your look at the party, and glow straight on through to the after party. The professional one coat and quick dry formula, means less fuss and smudge, but more drama. So, the only difficulty you’ll be having this weekend, will be choosing which of our fabulously vibrant shades to choose from. Which will take your fancy?

Neon UV Nail Varnish - An Intense Glow To Steal Every Show

Unless you’re an instagram hermit, then you’ve probably spotted the hoards of neon signs and artsy lights that are studded through the chic interiors of every cool bar and hipster hangout and now they’re coming to your makeup bag. That’s right, neon and uv is the beauty trend that you need to nail this season!

For a stunning nail effect that will light up any club, festival or party, our uniquely formulated Neon UV Nail Varnish, looks fantastically sleek by day, and reacts incredibly bright under UV light. High drama, high shine, and a UV glow that will steal the show.

Nail Your Look At The Party, And Glow Straight On Through To The Afterparty

The uniquely wide brush of our UV Nail Polish helps to mimic the shape of your nail, aiding quick and speedy application with only one stroke. The thick coat formula is incredibly hard wearing and chip resistant, so whether you’re heading to a week long festival or all night rave, this is the product to see you glowing through.

  • UV Reactive
  • One Coat Technology
  • Hard Wearing & Chip Resistant 
  • Quick Drying
  • 8 Vibrant UV Shades
  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • Dermatologically Tested

Expert Tip:

Ever fancied dabbling in a spot of nail art? Well, for a pro-mani worthy set of nails, why not try this simple, yet utterly brilliant nail art trick. All you’ll need is a small porous sponge.

  • First, select a shade from our assortment of UV Neon Nail Polish- this will act as your base coat. Now, paint your nails as normal, with your selected base shade.
  • Once your base coat is dry, choose a glitter shade from our selection of UV Glitter Nail Varnish. For sake of argument, we’re gonna go with “Candy Pink”.
  • Now, for the fun part! Take a porous sponge, and dab a small amount of the UV Glitter Nail Polish onto the sponge.
  • Starting from halfway up the nail, dab the sponge and glitter nail varnish onto your nail, applying more pressure towards the tip of your nail.
  • The effect of using a sponge in this manner, will allow you to create a pretty glitter gradient.

Still stuck for ideas? Not to worry, here’s a couple of our favourite Instagram hashtags, that we’d definitely recommend you check out for inspo:

#neonnails #uvnails #nailart #festivalnails #partynails